On Received, Intellectual and Experiential Wisdom

Interwoven with an exploration of denial, ignorance and naïveté — a cross-examination of Buddhist teachings and psychodynamic theory

Opening Thoughts

Course One

Diagram by moi :)
From Edward Edinger’s “The Ego-Self Paradox:” In Figure 1, “ego and self are one, which means there is no ego,” and thus, there is no consciousness. This is the primary state of ego-self identity or union — of birth and death. In Figure 2, the ego begins to emerge and separate from the self, but it still has its center and majority area in primary identity with the self. Figure 3 symbolizes a “more advanced stage of development,” even though some ego-self identity still remains unconscious and merged with the self. But here, the ego-self axis moves out of the realm of unconsciousness and into part consciousness. Figure 4 is “an ideal theoretical limit which probably does not exist in actuality. It represents a total separation of ego and self and a complete consciousness of the ego-self axis [4].” Perhaps this is what Siddhartha Gautama experienced, which led him to become the Buddha.

Closing Thoughts

exploring the liminal b/t the art of being, loving & thinking | therapist-in-training | yoga-doer | writer sometimes | curious always | www.sumofourparts.co

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